My name is Daniel, I am located in germany and I'm specialized in developing video and audio encoding solutions. I have done standalone applications as well as plugins for Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, VEGAS Pro and DaVinci Resolve Studio.

I am working as software engineer for over 20 years and since early 2020 I provide these services also as a freelancer.

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Windows & Mac

Software solutions for Windows and Mac computers

C / C++

Code will be written in C and C++ using Visual Studio and Xcode

FFmpeg API

Experienced with using the FFmpeg functionality on the API level


Building custom UIs natively as well as with wxWidgets

Qt 5/6

Qt 5/6 framework development

Plugin development

Proficient creating plugins for various Adobe products

Contact Me

If you are interested in my services feel free to contact me (eMail preferred) using the information below. You can write in german and in english.

Contact Information / Impressum

Daniel Stankewitz
Alexandrinenstr. 13
96450 Coburg
Tel +49 9561 6752788
Fax +49 9561 6753960

USt-IdNr: DE329670985

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